Video Release Poster

The third and last design for Lyon Hansen’s single release monkey is a still from the music video which I filmed and edited, the video will be released on the same date as the single. The photograph is a still from the video and features a contemporary dancer called Mariana Marcelino, the video is edited so as to replicate an VHS effect which causes it to blur and every motion casts a red, green and blue shadow, which illuminated due to the dark floor and background. The size of the digital design is shorter than the other two and the image with the analogue film border is the same format as a VHS tape. The text on the photo is from the intro of the video. The text at the bottom left is written with Typewriter and Bafora and the colour is RGB 255 - 255 – 255. I wanted this one to be a representation for the video as well as the single.

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