Mimicking Birds Album Cover example

I wanted to experiment with making an album cover of one of my favourite bands Mimicking Birds. Mimicking Birds is a rock group from Portland, Oregon centred on Nate Lacy, with Aaron Hanson, Ian luxton, Matthan Minster and Adam Trachsel. I wanted the cover to have a Bauhaus era look with a contemporary twist. The bright blue paired with the black and white background photograph referenced Bauhaus. The photograph was taken with an analog camera, the photo is of a mountain scenery and gives the design a colloquial atmosphere the hand drawn type helps support this. The type is digitally drawn on a blue block which covers one third of the album, the type erased the blue background and reveals the photograph underneath, the letter K and the letter R breaks the blue square and open up the barrier to merge the two layers together. The colour used in this design art BGD 0-0-0, 255-255-255, 0-0-255.

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