Single Release Poster

A digital poster design I made for the release of Lyon Hansen’s new single Monkey. For the release I made three different designs, which will be shared a few days prior to the release. The client gave me creative freedom for the design, his only request was that I fit the short text he provided somewhere visible and readable.

This version, which I titles the Gorilla version, is a circular three dimensional entangled object with images of gorillas overlapping each other and forming the circle. The song is quite upbeat, dark and energetic, it has a raw masculine quality to it. The idea with the gorillas was to capture the darkness and rawness of the song and somehow also capture the masculinity at the same time. The gorillas have been altered and edited in photoshop to make the image more mysterious, abstract and eerie. The yellow line running behind the circular gorillas and continuing in front is suppose to symbolise the rocket which is referred to in the song “Monkey did well I always do, I got a job with the man with the rocket”. The monkey in the song is taken onboard a spaceship and heads up into space. The shape of the yellow lines hint towards the shape of a traditional spaceship and points towards the sky indicating motion going upwards.

The text is kept simple, readable and noticeable. The yellow line stops right on top of the text, drawing the viewers eye to read it. The type is Helvetica and Bafora for the headline. The colour of the is all black

By sharing this page or image you are helping the artist gain exposure online and this act is much appreciated. 

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