Single Release Poster

The idea behind the second design for the digital release for Lyon Hansen’s single Monkey, I titled Bananas, because of its abundance of bananas. Like the first design, this is also centred around a circle which is off centre. The circle contains several bananas which have been altered, liquefied and edited. The circle has been duplicated, halftones/bitmapped and placed on top of the bananas again to create a comic – 1960 – Roy Lichtenstein effect. I wanted the image to have more texture and hide some of the bright yellow colours coming from the bananas. The text has been placed at the top of the design with a black line running through, slightly off centre, the letters for the title of the single have been scattered haphazardly, but not too much so that the word would not be readable. Unlike the previous design, this one is lighter hearted, fun and colourful which also applies to the song because of the monkey character being so lyrically painted as a comic book character or cartoon character.


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