First draft of the songwriters showcase poster

This was the first design I made for the Songwriters Showcase, the customer wanted to have all the performers names on the poster but later changed his mind resulting in the creation of the one on the previous page being made. Because the style of music being performed that night was atmospheric, indie folk, chamber pop and folktronica I placed an image of a partly snow-covered mountain, I photographed it when I was back home on vacation with an analogue camera, the photo is of a mountain in wintertime in the Faroe Islands. The image is supposed to capture the feel of folk music which indie folk/ chamber pop/folktronica are all developed from, the photograph is edited so to darken the shadows creating more depth and richness to the photo.

The text was placed at the bottom taking up half of the poster. The text containing the information about the event was written with the Helvetica type and the headlines with the name of the venue and the title of the event were both written with Bafora.

I aimed for the poster to be elegant but dark folksy and represent a suggestion of tradition for this event.

By sharing this page or image you are helping the artist gain exposure online and this act is much appreciated. 

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