Bath Spa University BA Degree Show 2018

Opdateret: 14. juni 2018

One of my favourite events to attend is the Bath Spa University Art and Design degree show. The quality of the works are always to the finest standards and curation is excellent. The venue is the beautiful main building on top of the hill on Sion Hill overlooking Bath.

The exhibition is split into several sections of Contemporary Arts, Sculpture, Textile, Photography, Ceramics and Fine Arts.

Rachel Watson’s collection of objects is formally and precisely placed on the wall, the white background contrasts the rustic objects. The yellow object, placed asymmetrically on the lower left, pops. The collection seems to be a mixture of modified and found objects. The artist has brought these objects into a new life, so to speak, changing their function and purpose and made the informal formal.

Beryl Egloff’s small paintings, a collection of 20 tiny paintings and a plastic cup with several pins in it and around it. Though small there is quite a lot of information and organic detail in the paintings – The pins are a pluralistic replica of the four red paintings condensing them even smaller but at the same time enlarging the number of space they potentially can take up. The small items in this exhibition by artist Beryl Egloff compels you to step closer than we normally would if the paintings were larger and examine with more intimacy than one would otherwise do.

Rachel Rhodes’s horizontal and vertical geometrically connected plastic landscape is intensely dense in beautiful dark detail. Precisely placed in such a way that you can see light entering from above, behind and from both sides.

Hannah Dance’s slide monitors are an interactive retro piece of photographic slides. It reminds me of retrospective nostalgia. Once you insert the slide you gently push it down to activate a light and the photograph is revealed. The placement of the slides monitors, the monitors themselves and the photographs are all comfortably aesthetic and reflective of the dynamic between nature and retro technology.

Georgina Oxnard exhibited several paintings and a few sculptures, the common denominator in all of these are ears, in one of the long slender sculptures there are so many ears that it is slightly creepy to watch for too long, which is most likely the artists intent.

After walking through the CAP, contemporary arts practice, part of the exhibition I made my way over to the sculpture section. Two large open garage doors greeted me along with a very large, heavy weapon by Pace Frith, just the sheer size and power and theatrics of the sculpture was captivating and intimidating not to mention the brilliant of the craftsmanship.

The beautifully crafted geological looking samples by Milly Hardy is cross between science and creativity. On her webpage she writes that her works are often site-specific and “evoke the richness of the earth and its hidden geological narratives as well as the alchemy of ceramics.” Which is something that I very much agree with.

Once entering the Fine Arts area of the exhibition Will Hughes light eliminated box instantaneously captured my attention, the sensual movement of the centre created a juxtaposition of the soft red light and intrusive movement of the circular rod like object contrasting the square box it was placed in. There is something so organic with this piece, both visually and the movements, that it mimics something human, personal and organic.

Kate Jupe’s paintings are challenging and commenting on form and space with their fluidity, mark-making, texture and colours. They seem to be organic in their nature and reference landscape, memory and life.

I was so impressed with Sophie Jenna Danby’s water sculpture, the beautiful dancing energy charged liquid creating texture in water which I thought not to be possible, that I just stood there examining and like a kid seeing something for the first time. The photos that I took do not give the movements justice, this is a piece that has to be experiences in person.

As always the Bath Spa University’s BA Degree Show Exhibition was amazing and I am very much looking forward to the MA exhibition which I will be taking part in. 21st of September 2018 at Sion Hill, Bath BA1 2UL.

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