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A shy girl with a great passion for art and drawings will soon become a courageous contemporary artist who still gives free rein to her imagination, which takes her to unexplored places. Being originally from the Faroe Islands, the softness of her work can only evoke those wonderful landscapes like the lines of the waves. Abstractism, reflection and minimalism make Jana’s work unique and never ending.

Hi Jana, can you tell us how your experience with art began?

My first approach to creativity was at an early age: as an introverted kid, I found my own imagination a very interesting place to get lost in. I would spend hours upon hours in my room drawing and creating worlds filled with characters and imaginary scenarios. Even though my current philosophy, methods and materials are very different from what I played with as a child, I still see them as the stepping stones that have led me to who I am and where I am today.

Nowadays, I still work for hours and let my imagination wander to interesting places, where I leave my mind free to explore and be awed by colours, textures, shapes, expressions, etc.

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