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Jana Jonhardsdóttir (she/her) is a faroese born artist currently residing in the northern part of the Faroe islands. Although in the midst of transition and every growing practice Jonhardsdóttir´s works are currently mentioned as abstract and expressionistic. Her work is ingrained in Scandinavian contemporary minimalism, reflective of the surrounding nature and harshness of the cold North Atlantic ocean enveloping the Faroe Islands. Jonhardsdóttir has been featured in several Scandinavian and European shows as well as being held by collectors and galleries in the Faroe Islands, Milano, Bath and elsewhere.

Early influences: When you were a kid what did you want to do when you grew up?

Weirdly enough as a kid, around 7 years old, I wanted a corporate job, similar to the ones I would see in movies where the people were always on the go. Coming into my late teens I did feel a stronger pull towards the creative, I had always been a kid with a pencil, drawing on everything I could, ever since I can remember and I began imagining a life where such a career could be possible.

What did you think of 'artists' and who they were?

I looked at artists as people playing by their own rules on their own time, unaffected by society's standards of what a person should be or act. A person with confidence and curiosity - ready to explore the world.

What exposure did you have to womxn who were creating for a livelihood growing up? Did that influence your path?

I didn't have much exposure to other women in the creative sector, most impressions I got from women artists was through the telly, from movies and TV shows. Not to say that there weren't female artists in the Faroe.....

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