Reflective Journal - A short essay about my carvings

I came to the studio early today, but still the light is pretty good, thanks to this time of year (spring! I´m blowing you kisses), a bit of fog though, just a side note - fog is my favorite kind of weather. The temperature was a bit cold for manual labor/work, the sun has not yet had time to heat up the studio, so as not to waste a trip I sat down to write in my reflective journal.

I always have a hard time categorizing what I do or what I aim to do. There are of course certain subjects that I am fascinated by and peak my interest. Landscape and nature are two of the largest, that, of course, are endlessly explored, detailed with categories op on subcategories, reinvention and an overwhelming amount of ´cheese´. But its the subcategory of creating ones own landscape that I am gravitated towards.

Lets look at my round carving in relation to landscape art.

Untitled Circular Carving

Wood, paint, polyfilla

60 cm


The Carving itself is a dynamic but soft shape, each carving blends and leads in to the next, creating an endless loop of patterns, its busy yet subtle. The mat white allows the pattern to be highlighted when presented with a light source, which creates shadows and depth, but without the light source and/or from certain angles - the carving disappears on the surface and your left with a flat white circle. The shape of the surface it-self is also round which complements the pattern of the carvings and creates and overall softness.

Now that the physical attributes of the piece have been established lets look at the idea of landscape art associated with the piece. I have great fascination and respect for nature and thereby landscape, I am generally gravitated towards research about nature, plants, biology etc., just to establish a starting point or a mindset before I embark (hoity toity) on creating a piece. I create an artwork as a personal representation of reality, it is the visual information that defines the space where we reside. The landscape is a guide to historical references rooted in one emotional state, expression, creativity, ideas, acts etc. which we use to define and give meaning to the facts of our everyday life. Keeping this in mind when referring to the round carving, its meaning and reference become more evident. The research that I did for this piece and my other pieces similar to this one, is the Lindenmayer system, which I reefer to in previous posts. the L-system is a a visual bio-language that consists of an alphabet of systems - which use strings or patterns that expand each symbol into a larger axiom string/pattern of symbols. The Lindenmayer system tells of a behavior of plant cells and models the growth process of the plants development and the morphology of many different organisms and can be used to generate self-similar fractals. Its these continuous fractals that I implement in the carvings, an endless pattern which has no beginning and on end.

Although I do believe that there need not to be an explanation to every piece of art rather each piece should speak for itself. I find keeping a journal of my thoughts relevant and helpful to better understand my own aim and reason for creating.

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